Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shes One

Its been a year...a year today.  God blessed us with our sweet Violet Grace.  We were not even sure we would get to keep her in the beginning.  Before we even knew she was a she!  He has had her in His capable hands the whole time.  By my calculations, keep in mind I am horrible at math already, but by my calculations I was only five weeks pregnant and bad things were happening. Cramping and everything that follows.  Everything that told me this baby may not make it.  It was my biggest fear!  My heart was seriously breaking with the thought that the doctor would say those dreaded words.  My mother in law  came over immediately and took care of the boys. We prayed together after we got in the car but for the most part Josh and I rode silently holding hands to the hospital.  The nurse asked a series of questions and settled us in.  Then God gave us Dr. Stucky.  She knew what we needed to hear without giving us false hope.  She knew we were Christians and used His word for comfort.  I just remember closing my eyes and holding Josh's hand as she began searching for the baby.  Then she said, " Your not five weeks, your nine weeks!  And there is the heart beat!"
        Nine months later that tiny heart beat turned into 6 pounds 11 oz of  sweet crying cuteness.  It was the first time I had been awake for the birth of any of my kids. My third c-section.  strange experience to say the least.  Ill spare the gory details.  Lets just say my hubby could not watch.  We were super shocked to hear, "Its a girl!"  No way!  I thought for sure it was another bouncing baby boy!  But according to Josh, I was way more emotional with this pregnancy.  OK maybe I was.  But then the nurses whisked our Violet Grace away.  She was struggling to breath on her own.  I was so numb and sedated that I don't think I really grasped what was going on until I got into my room and realized my baby was not with me.  Josh reassured me that she was being well taken care of and carefully watched.  But I could tell that he was holding it together for my sake.  He felt sad, worried and helpless to see her that way, but God gave him peace about it all soon after.  6 days later after jaundice and many needle pricks and tubes here and there, we finally got to take her home.  But not before they said, and literally minutes before we were about to leave,  "Oh by the way, your baby has mild hip displatia, (or however you spell this)  and she will need to ware this crazy uncomfortable hip/leg brace for a couple months.  Good to know!  So we took our little girl home.  Our little girl!
Needless to say after a few doctors visits Violet was given the ok to be done with the brace.  We had ditched it long before that, feeling she did not need it anyway.  It just did not seem right.  We went with our gut.  The x rays showed two perfectly developed hip bones right where they needed to be.  God is faithful!  Its funny how even when we go with our gut feeling, that nudging of  God to just trust Him, we still have shadows of doubt?  The Sunday before Violets final doctors visit My sweet friend Carol prayed over Violet with me. she prayed this verse, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning." She knew without question that it would all be OK.  That Violets hips would be made whole.  She was right.  I know it does not sound like much when you hear the pains that people endure but I was already fearing what might be, what surgery she might have to go through and would it work, losing sleep over it! And just in case the Lord thought I needed more, after already hearing the good news from the Dr., a song came on that sang the exact same verse Psalm 30:5.  I balled like a baby.  Josh was like, "So are you going to be OK to go to lunch?" So now here we are, parents of three.  Three!  Yes its a bit harder and yes it is more and yes I am selfish about sleep, but I would not trade it for anything. Its grown us and shown us even more how much we need Gods strength daily. Nothing blesses me more than to see Korban kiss his sister or Benjamin give her a toy. 
       Since then, our Violet Grace has grown.  She crawls all over the place, laughs, talks, hugs and kisses, loves her brothers and has stolen our hearts.  Today we had cake pops, photo shoot, (thank goodness she is patient with this camera crazy mamma)  presents and the mother of all cupcakes.

.  Today she is one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bugs and Boys

Korban and Benjamin have become my little lady bug hunters.  I just love watching them explore in the field and find these little polka dotted creatures.  Kind of like snow flakes, God has made each one so different!  Bright red, orange, some with spots and some without or some with just a few.  These are a few of my favorite pictures that I was able to get of these fast crawling little guys.  One even flew and landed right in the middle of Korban's chin.  His reaction, Priceless, mine, "Close your mouth!"
Big brother finds bugs for Benjamin, which he loves.  Benjamin will look through the grass, grab a handful of it and questionably ask me "Bug?"  No buddy but if there was I don't think it stood a chance.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life lateley

Our lives have been so full lately and busy busy.  There have  been days of playing in the mud...again,  fundraisers, Easter, road trips, just hanging out and of course doctors appointments to keep the littlest Steinberg in check. 

Our Korban boy had become the poster child for the walk for life this year.  It's a weird thing to be running my weekly errands and spot a poster with my oldest sons face on it.  But it is also a great thing to see it supporting God given life.  He was given a costume as well to match the "Uncle Sam" poster which he wore proudly with a little bit of shyness which was to be expected but it was nothing a little Yogurt barn bribery couldn't fix.  We kept reminding him of how much this was going to bless lots and lots of unborn little baby's and help mommy's to make a choice for life for that baby. It breaks my heart the things our children will have to learn to understand as they grow up.   How do you explain it to a 3 year old?  I was trying so hard not to cry while telling him that some mommy's cannot take care of their baby's but that there are other ways that the baby can have a family and a good life and so we are trying to help them do that.  So here is our little Uncle Sam waiting for sponsors!

Then there was Easter!  We all look forward to this every year with much planning and great anticipation and joy for the very reason we celebrate at all.  I am so thankful that Korban's focus was not all about the eggs or even the egg hunt!  Benjamin still just goes with the flow and does what big brother does but next year he will understand even more....that Jesus is risen!  It cracks me up,  Korban has to be the most modest egg hunter I have ever seen.  Totally him, just taking his time and marveling at each one he finds.  Benjamin doing his thing, pick it up put it in the basket....oh there is candy in these!  Forget the rest I just want to eat candy!  We had so much fun with family and just being outside in the most beautiful Easter Sunday weather....Thank you God, it was much appreciated:)


Not lovin it!

Grandpa's snow cone treat for Korban!
Two days after Easter, the boys and I headed out to Utah to go home with Grammy and Grandpa.  Road Trip!  Korban loves riding in Grandpa's "Big truck"  so that was a plus and even better was getting road trip food.....Slim Jims! Only bummer of the whole trip was having the worst head cold ever and not just for me but My dad and Benjamin as well!  I honestly went through 6 boxes of tissues with the help of Benjamin.  Josh had a cold as well but got through the worst of it before he flew out to Utah to be with us.  I'm blaming the sugar and being out in the cold night air during Easter weekend.  Your probably thinking, "bummer!  Go all the way Utah to visit your parents and you can't even have any fun!?"  Not at all the case.  The great part was that my mom was there to help take care of the boys and I, I did not have to cook and or bathe anybody,  It snowed enough for a snowman and we really really just had to relax and do nothing.  Korban and Benjamin had sooooo much fun with their Grammy and Granpa even though Benjamin did not quite care for the snow.
Going with Grandpa to find the news paper

Korban getting  the biggest snowball ever to hurl at Grammy

And all the other fun things we have been up to?  Just day to day life.  Boys in the mud.....
Muddy buns Benjamin
Just look at that face!
Benjamin picking flowers for mommy....
  Sleeping in a big boy bed......breaks my heart but not my back! And the work plus rewards of baking.

Then there are these two little cutie pies.....

Hailey the birthday Girl!
These are two  of my 7 nieces.  Hailey just turned one and she really makes you work for smile....I mean look at that face!  She is not going to crack.  And then there is Claire.  She and Benjamin were trying and trying to blow bubbles.  She finally blew a bubble and was so happy about it!  She gave me the same reaction every time...cracked me up:)

Aren't these the simple blessings and pleasures in life?  So carefree to be a child, really.

P.S.  Please ignore my sloppy photo arrangements on my blog....I'm still getting used to the new set up and it is driving me mad!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things Tried

The same girly who got me to start blogging also opened my eyes to the world of pinterest. Now when I first began I thought this is kind of fun and it has some really cute/thrifty/ tasty/neat-o ideas but when will I ever get to try any of them? The list of possibilities seemed endless and maybe I was just wishing I had this or that or could do this or that a bit too much. BUT it does not have to be so. Lately I have been bent on trying all these new recipes. I was getting tired of the same old same old stuff we have been eating and wanted to be a bit more adventurous. All be it sometimes an adventure does not always end well.

So here are some things tried and true and a couple maybe not so true:

Oatmeal cream pies...mmmmm. Like the little Debbie snacks, one of my hubby's favorites! I hate buying that kind of stuff so I thought I would make them myself. The cookie turned out great but the cream filling? Not so good. It was like eating pure butter smashed between two cookies. I'm sure Paula Dean would LOVE it;) So next time I will try this recipe from good old Martha Stewart.

Next on my list was Zucchini fries. Anything to get my kiddos to eat more greens and veggies, plus it had cheese. Anything with cheese is good in my book. Josh liked them I loved them and the kids tolerated them. I figure, like anything else, besides cooked carrots, if I keep putting it in front of them they will eat it without making funny faces...maybe, Josh still wont eat peas.

This was my first recipe tried,
The easiest most yummy bread I have ever made and will make lots and lots of. It worked great for a grilled sandwich, garlic bread, you could do croutons or just eat it plain and simple like my boys did.

Perhaps another one of my favorites were the baked avocado fries. The boys and I really like just plain avocados but not my Josh, he is more of a guacamole fan. That's o.k. more fries for me!

Have you ever had the Mongolian beef at Panda Express? Well now you can make it but it does have a kick so if you are making it for little ones as well, then set some of the sauce aside before you add the red pepper flakes. The boys really liked it and gobbled it up. I should have stopped the sauce there instead of letting it simmer longer. It got a little too thick but the flavor was spot on!

Tonight it is this yummy looking dish of Baked Broccoli Macaroni and cheese. I bought a big bag of Broccoli from Costco to force my self to find other ways to use it and so here I am. With a little prayer and some hungry bellies hopefully it will turn out well!

Oh and minus the skinny part...I don't do non fat or low fat stuff it just cramps my cooking style;)

With the thought of food aside, here is another thing I have tried and really like not only the smell but the result of. another one of Martha's. I can't stand the smell of bleach or other cleaning products right now. Its not that it makes me sick or anything but it just smells soooo strong! I had some T-tree oil and used that like she suggested and really liked it. Not to mention it helped clear the sinuses.

Next on my list is an outdoor spray that is safe around the kiddos and my pregnant self can do it.
I have all the ingredients already and it beats spending lots of money on weed killer.

Well I hope someone was inspired to try some new things! I know I still am:) There is a whole other side to Pinterest as well but until I have a clutter free space to get out my sewing machine and craft wont be happening. Looks like I will be doing some de-cluttering this weekend as well!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Family, Friends and Mud

This was our life a few weeks ago...yes that is Benjamin with a very clean bowl on his head, also know as the puke bowl. He know s it well, maybe a little too well.
Korban was at the worst end of the stomach bug hence the not so happy face...the poor kid was paranoid to eat anything!

And finally two happy boys feeling all better sporting their super awesome batman shirts. Korban is always trying to make sure he and Benjamin are wearing the same super hero.

Family.....Korban and I took a little day trip up to Simi Valley to attend my cousins baby shower. This was Korban's first time getting to play with his extended cousin Mackenzie.
My cousin Jessica. I never really thought about it until it happened but how cool to be pregnant at the same time as my cousin. She and I have way too many fun memories from growing up and she is due very very soon!
Korban and Aunt Kimmy....He thinks she's pretty awesome for working on the Sponge Bob of his favorites!

Ah yes...a time to slow down from all the constant going on's around here, Bible time with Daddy. We have been trying to do this more just before bed time and it has really been sweet.

Last but not least...Mud glorious mud! I had lost track of Benjamin for two minutes and this is what happens. Korban was hesitant to join in and kept looking at me like "are you sure this is o.k. mom?" I gave him the ok and he had so much fun with his little Benjers. My favorite part though was when Benjamin flung some mud on Korban's arm and Korban say's " Thats the end of you Benjamin!" And on an on they played with bath time immediately following.
How can I not love those muddy little faces? Pure joy in these boys smiles and I love how something so simple as a leftover tiny puddle from the rain can make things so fun.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swagger Wagon!

We have a new addition to the the baby is not born yet but that will come soon!
We are officially a part of the swagger wagon family. Don't know what a swagger wagon is? Just watch this clip and you will find out and have a good laugh...

With the new one on the way and all the driving around and road trips we like to do we thought it would be more practical to find a car with more seating and space but not cost more in gas than what we already pay for the 4-runner. I had always pictured myself as a big extended cab truck kind of girl but times- money- priorities and economy changes all of that. Now I drive a mini van and have no shame. Why the funny jokes about it anyway? Who started it, I want to meet that person. Needless to say, I love our 2005 Toyota Sienna. Drives smooth, super comfy and roomy. I am already dreaming about the trips to come with our new little once in the mix. The boys love it too! Sometimes we pray out loud in the car especially when it is at the start of our day. So Korban decided to sing a song of praise and thanked God for our fun new car. I love it and yes I am praising Him too. It certainly was an impromptu blessing! P.S. 4-runner for sale!